Marketing, manufacturing and distributing mobile devices to more than 150 countries, while minimizing your cost of capital

The world’s #1 specialized wireless distributor, enabling more than 200+ operators and 30,000 retailers.

Why Brightstar?

No one else can navigate logistics, credit and complex market challenges better
Get quick scalability to ramp up as market opportunites materialize
Meet consumer demand, and minimize inventory and risk with Brightstar’s virtual inventory programs, electronic data interchange and other services

  • Leveraging Brightstar’s 20:20 Mobile deep industry knowledge and expertise in this field we are confident that we will continue to grow our reach and…build our brand in the Africa region.

    Florian SeichePresident HTC Europe, Middle East and Africa
Value-Added Distribution Services:
  • Distribution – handsets, tablets and accessories
  • Channel Development & Management
  • Marketing Services
  • Product Development of Handsets, Tablets and Accessories
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
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