Virtually everywhere

With unlimited virtual shelf-space, online retailers can offer a range of products that would be impractical in a bricks and mortar environment. Connecting electronically and in real-time to our distribution engine, web merchants leverage our unrivalled product catalogue and order fulfillment services.

Contact us to find out how we help online channels to:

  • Launch a comprehensive multi-vendor handset and accessories portfolio, without investment in inventory
  • Fulfill customer orders for home- and business-delivery of SIMs, handsets and bundles
  • Exploit scale economies in purchasing and operations
  • Achieve build-to-order operating efficiencies through device configuration, software installation and order personalisation services executed on demand
  • Increase the lifetime value of insurance customers through service upgrades that deliver greater protection and positive claims outcomes
  • Reduce handset returns rates through technical support and over-the-air diagnostics
  • Secure operator subsidy for pre-paid handsets and commissions for post-paid airtime contract sales
  • Successfully connect customers to multiple mobile networks
  • Deploy a trade-in proposition that rewards customers with cash, vouchers or loyalty card points for their unwanted mobile phones
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