Extending the virtual enterprise

We provide a solid supply chain foundation for virtual network operators. Through tight integration with our procurement, inventory, marketing and logistics services, an MVNO acquires instant operational capacity that scales with the growth in its business.

Contact us to find out how we help mobile virtual network operators to:

  • Launch a comprehensive multi-vendor handset portfolio, without investment in inventory
  • Achieve national sales coverage via online channels, telesales and third party retail
  • Fulfill customer orders for home-, business-, and retail-delivery of SIMs, handsets and bundles
  • Exploit scale economies in purchasing and operations
  • Realise build-to-order operating efficiencies through device configuration, software installation and order personalisation services executed on demand
  • Increase the lifetime value of insurance customers through service upgrades that deliver greater protection and positive claims outcomes
  • Reduce handset returns rates through technical support and over-the-air diagnostics
  • Convert handset trade-ins and product returns into new sales opportunities
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