25 years young

There isn’t much you can teach specialist telecoms resellers. After two decades of supplying independent sales channels, we know that dealers need keen prices, fast delivery and knowledgeable staff on the line. Our aim is to be the resale channel’s most trusted supplier of mobile handsets, accessories and software, supported with credit, information, tools and service excellence.

Contact us to find out how we help mobile phone dealers to:

  • Satisfy the market demand for a comprehensive range of mobile devices and accessories without investment in inventory
  • Successfully connect customers to multiple mobile networks
  • Achieve build-to-order operating efficiencies through device configuration, software installation and order personalisation services executed on demand
  • Increase the lifetime value of insurance customers through service upgrades that deliver greater protection and positive claims outcomes
  • Manage their online presence in the mobile products category
  • Deploy a trade-in proposition that rewards customers with cash for their unwanted mobile phones
  • Address the purchasing requirements of corporate customers via extranet procurement portals for internal purchases
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