Corporate Vision

Brightstar employs over 1,200 people at locations across Europe, including Baltics, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Portugal and the United Kingdom. We promote, distribute and support leading mobile handset brands, accessories, cellular airtime, fixed line equipment, and more. Our business has annual sales of over £1.2 billion to more than 8,000 active customers including, network operators, MVNOs, retailers, independent telecoms specialists, distributors and insurance providers. Clients depend upon our skilled personnel to select, source, configure, present, promote, deliver, connect and support devices for their businesses and for their customers.

Management Mission

The mobile phone marketplace continues to be a vibrant and fast-changing environment. Smartphones and tablets are at the cutting edge of technology innovation and fashion, creating major opportunities and challenges for industry participants. Manufacturers, network operators and retailers must plan and react with agility to rapid changes in technology, and to the twin pressures of competition and regulation.

In this dynamic setting, the expertise and capabilities of the Brightstar 20:20 Mobile are of huge relevance and value to our clients. We actively invest in skills development, from retail and online sales solutions to call centre support and insurance services. Our geographical expansion continues across Europe, led by clients’ demands for consistent international execution of advanced supply chain services.

At Brightstar, we aspire to be the preferred partner for the mobile industry’s leading vendors, operators and retailers: the trusted experts in the field of wireless communication products and services.

Organisational Values

Leading The Industry

Our business requires people who are persuasive communicators with high levels of motivation, exceptional organisational skills and sound judgement. We fully recognise that the abilities of our employees are the firm’s greatest assets. We are committed to rewarding skill, dedication and entrepreneurship through our competitive compensation policy and to developing our employees through work-based learning and continuous development. Our Professional Study Scheme actively supports any employee who wishes to undertake a professional qualification within their chosen field.

Our philosophy of investing in people has kept Brightstar at the forefront of the industry, helping our UK business to win the coveted Mobile News ‘Award for Best Distributor’ for a record ten years in succession (1998-2007), ‘Best Distributor – Accessories’ for nine years running (2002–2010) and both ‘Best Distributor – Innovative’ and ‘Best Distributor – Handset’ in 2011.

Leading Spanish clients such as Carrefour, Vodafone, Nokia and Correos have publicly recognised the management and financial strength of Brightstar Spain, where our distribution, logistics, retail management, and ecommerce services act as a platform for national market coverage and growth despite challenging economic circumstances. In Norway, Brightstar was voted Telecom Distributor of the Year in an IT-Bransjen/Computerworld poll of the industry in 2008.

Brightstar is a member of the Global Technology Distribution Council,, the industry organisation representing the world’s leading ITC distributors.

Principles of ethical business conduct

Many of our important business relationships go back many years. Such lasting engagements are sustained through honesty and integrity – behaviours that build trust and respect between people and organisations. Our managers and employees are accountable for their personal conduct and actions, and for providing a workplace that is inclusive of diversity, open with the truth, and safe.

We ensure as far as possible that our business partners adhere to approved ethical standards in the procurement of products and services are procured. The company will not trade with any state, company or individual subject to sanction by the European Union.

Our responsibility towards the environment

We have personal and collective responsibility to use resources efficiently and ensure consideration is given to minimising the impact of our activities upon the environment. Since 2003, our ISO 14001 management system, has given us a formal framework to monitor our environmental performance, providing timely management information that we use to ensure continued progress. The certification applies to Brightstar (SWE) AB where the central warehouse for the Nordic and Baltic is located.

Brightstar comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the environment in the business and seems for positive growth and reduced environmental impact.

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